Vilde Virus and the Vaccination

Experience the encounter of a joyous little virus with ruthless immune defence soldiers searing with revenge. Vilde Virus finally meets her superior: The vindictive Vaccination. The vaccination notifies the immune system about her arrival and provides combat training to all police cells. Then one lovely day when the virus bounces around in the bloodstream suspecting nothing, she suddenly gets arrested by police cells and imprisoned by Fagus Ferdinand who simply eats her. Tough luck for her, but good for us who don’t need to get sick. Who is the hero and who is the villain here?

In this performance we illustrate the basis of a vaccine. A lab-coated vaccine researcher t from the audience gets to pick Vilde Virus apart and make a vaccine out of her. A nurse is allowed to prick someobody’s skin with a monumental syringe. Science To the People play the role of a dishevelled professor who organizes drafting and training of young aspiring immune cells. They are responsible of defending our body against invading organisms. The audience makes up the army and attack Vilde Virus when she least expects it. They send her directly to the great Fagus Ferdinand, who devours her. End of story, there is nothing left of her. A real tragedy, but no scarier than the kids make it on their own.

The performance covers these learning objectives in the science curriculum

After 4th grade:

“Use scientific concepts to describe and present observations, suggest and discuss possible explanations of what has been observed”

After 7th grade:

“Formulate scientific questions about what the student wonders about, suggest possible explanations, make a plan and conduct surveys”

“Explain how the body protects itself against disease, …”


Audience: Offered to cultural centres and primary schools (3-9th grade).

Audience age:  age 8-14 years. Performance style is adapted to the age of the audience.

Event duration: 60 minutes.

Order deadline: 1 week in advance

Location: Henriette brings blood vessels, cells and viruses and installs herself in a classroom or stage

Acting space: minimum 3 x 4 meters. Needs 1 hour to set up scenography, and 40 minutes to take it down.

Contact:  Phone: 97601192

Photo: Lars H. Thoresen and Eistein Oveland

Funding: H. Westfal-Larsen and Wife Anna Westfal-Larsen’s Public benefit fund, Red Cross legacy for local public benefit and the following: