Here are performances and lectures that may come in the future. They are ready to be performed, but waiting for funding.

Remember! Your research group can order a tailor-made program from Science To The People in order to disseminate to your exact research findings.

Science To The People has produced:

  • 3 performances on behalf of the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) – a centre of excellence – so that the CCBIO can fulfil its dissemination obligation. See link: CCBIO Outreach in the form of popular science theatre.

  • Exhibition, film and performance for the project “Learn About Cancer Through Art” funded by the UiB Research Fund, 2019

  • The Norwegian Cancer Society received a prize at the Research Fair at Norwegian Research Days (Forskningsdagene) through its collaboration with Science to the People, 2014.

  • Performances for VilVite including two productions about Vilde the Virus, on photosynthesis, protein synthesis, nature or nurture, sterile work and the Periodic Table. Besides several programs for summer and autumn camps and the Talent centre, 2007-2019

  • Autumn holiday camp for the Institute of Molecular Biology, UiB, 2006

  • Performance for the Research Days, 2009, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019

  • Performances for the Cultural Schoolbag (Kulturelle Skolesekken) and the Cultural Carrier (Kulturelle Bæremeisen).

  • Performances for Bergen Municipal Children’s Saturdays (Barnelørdager).

Science to the people conducts dissemination on behalf of CCBIO
The Norwegian Cancer Society received a prize through its collaboration with Science To the People, 2014